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Danny Knicely

Danny Knicely is a multi-talented musician and music producer from the Shenandoah valley of Virginia. He is constantly active performing and recording his own music and working with other musicians and dancers.

Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program

Danny is considered a master folk artist by his home state of Virginia and is participating in an apprenticeship sponsored by the Virginia Folklife Program.

Danny and Jack
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The Folklife Apprenticeship pairs an experienced master artist with an eager learner, in order to help ensure that a particular art form is passed on in ways which are conscious of history and faithful to tradition. The master artist is one who has achieved a high level of skill in the particular traditional art form, who is regarded as a master of the craft by his/her peers, and who has learned and developed his/her skill within its traditional context. The apprentice is one who has demonstrated an interest and competency in the art form prior to the apprenticeship, and who shows a sincere commitment to learning the nuanced qualities of the tradition, and carrying the tradition on into the future.
Apprentice Jack Dunlap is already a musician of incredible Depth. Though still in his teens, Jack has a long list of contest winnings on both mandolin and guitar and gives mandolin and guitar lessons in and around Winchester, VA where he resides. He also plays with Buds Collective, one of the fastest rising acts in the bluegrass music scene. Danny and Jack will focus on honing the intricacies of their "pyrotechnic" mandolin picking, exploring new influences and music theory, and further pushing the thresh-hold of what can be done on the mandolin. Their achievements and those of other participants in the program will be showcased at the VA Folklife Stage during this years Richmond Folk Festival on October 10-11 and at Ash Lawn-Highland near Charlottesville on May 15. Other apprenticeships for this year's program include blacksmithing, bluegrass fiddling, salt making, and balalaika playing.

For more information on Virginia Folklife's Apprenticeship Program, check out a book by Virginia's state folklorist, Jon Lohman, called "In Good Keeping", which documents the first five years of the project.

CD Cover
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Danny & Jack are pleased to announce that their new album, "Chop, Shred & Split", will be released on September 10. They will be joined by Jared Pool on guitar and Neil Knicely on bass and will be giving a couple concerts to celebrate the release:

Sept 10 at the Drum & Strum in Warrenton, Va.
Sept 13 in Millwood Va

Go to the Shows page for details on both shows. Download the flier and help spread the word!

Tim O'Brien and Abigail Washburn join the Mountain Music Project to Aid Nepal

Danny and Akal
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The Mountain Music Project is partnering with We Help Nepal and Americana music legends, Tim O'Brien and Abigail Washburn, to help victims of the series of earthquakes that have devastated Nepal. All donations and proceeds from the sale of My Home is Across the Blue Ridge Mountains by The Mountain Music Project featuring Tim O'Brien & Abigail Washburn go directly to We Help Nepal, who are actively working on the ground in Nepal with disaster relief and development projects.

New Album: Waltz for Aimee

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Danny Knicely's latest release, Waltz for Aimee, focuses on the true and natural tone of exquisitely fine acoustic instruments in the hands of master musicians. Danny plays a vintage D-18 Martin guitar and is accompanied by two renowned musicians.

Flat-picker extraodinaire Wyatt Rice is the rhythm/lead guitarist for the Tony Rice Unit. Mark Schatz, twice named the International Bluegrass Music Association's bassist of the year, plays wiht Nickel Creek, the Claire Lynch Band and DC's own Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble.

The album features old-time flat-picking, open string swing, dreadnaught jazz, and includes cameo performances by Danny on mandolin and vocals. Recorded by Les Thompson, founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the sound reproduction is accurate and captures the energy and groove of the trio. The album is now available on compact disc and for digital downloads on the Store page.